I've been told that I originally started drawing at about the age of five and have kept at it for more than twenty years since then. I consider myself, at the core of my being, as an artist, using both traditional and digital means in order to become the individual that will inspire others as I've been inspired to be more than I was by dreamers and visionaries of the present and the past.

There was a time when I wasn't sure that there was a place for me in the arts and I thus decided to try my hand at a programming school in Washington. After a semester there, I'd determined there was no way I would ever want to be a programmer but during that albeit brief time there, I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop. Through experimenting with pen-based linework scans and digital coloring, I found a niche that I could joyfully bring out my stories. It was Watanabe Shinichi's vision of Rikudou Koushi's brainchild, Excel Saga, that pushed me over the edge, making me realize that I could use all the various and otherwise rather useless trivia and tidbits I've gathered from watching anime and parody or completely go against what seem to be stone set standards within the realm of anime and manga in a story I had originally been developing for a game. Between all the different sets of protagonists, I chose a single girl, one unsure of herself but with the potential to grow incredibly, and put her in the spot light, so to speak. With the rebirth of this originally minor character, 'Oblivion Rites' was renamed 'Ima to Eien ni,' and this delicate force of destruction claims the first part in the series, 'Now and Forever'.

After three years at California State University Channel Islands, I graduated with a minor in Business and a Bachelor's in the Arts, experimenting in both the traditional and digital arts, emphasizing illustration and digital painting but also delving into such areas as film making and 3d animation.

It was later that ideas were being developed for 'Obsidian Rain' between Jason and myself. A twisted tale with rampant misshapen visions of darkness leading both protagonists and antagonists down a path chosen by one of higher power. Inspiration may have come from the recent surge of Hollywood's Japanese horror remakes but this is a far more convoluted and decrepit vision of the things that whisper at the edge of dreams and nightmares alike.